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img_1109175555857 Hydrogenation of p-chloronitrobenzene over nanostructured-carbon-supported ruthenium catalyst,  Oubenali, M., Vanucci, G., MacHado, B., Kacimi, M., Ziyad, M., Faria, J., Raspolli-Galetti, A., Serp, P., ChemSusChem 4 (7) , pp. 950-956, 2011

img_1109175555857 Photodegradation of indigo carmine in aqueous solution by zirconium phosphates Barhon, Z., Bozon-Verduraz, F., Saffaj, N., Albizane, A., Azzi, M., Kacimi, M., Ziyad, M. Faculté des Sciences 2011, Desalination and Water Treatment 30 (1-3) , pp. 69-73, 2011

img_1109175555857 Iron-calcium-hydroxyapatite catalysts: Iron speciation and comparative performances in butan-2-ol conversion and propane oxidative dehydrogenation, Khachani, M., Kacimi, M., Ensuque, A., Piquemal, J.-Y., Connan, C., Bozon-Verduraz, F., Applied Catalysis A: General 388 (1-2) pp. 113-123, 2010

img_1109175555857 Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over chromium-loaded calcium-hydroxyapatite, Boucetta, C., Kacimi, M., Ensuque, A., Piquemal, J.-Y., Bozon-Verduraz, F., Ziyad, M., Applied Catalysis A: General 356 (2) , pp. 201-210, 2009

img_1109175555857 Comparison of hydrodynamic and mass transfer performances of an emulsion loop-venturi reactor in cocurrent downflow and upflow configurations Gourich, B., Vial, Ch., Soulami, M.B., Zoulalian, A., Ziyad, M., Chemical Engineering Journal 140 (1-3) , pp. 439-447, 2008

img_1109175555857 Study of ferrous iron oxidation in Morocco drinking water in an airlift reactor, El Azher, N., Gourich, B., Vial, C., Soulami, M.B., Ziyad, M. Faculté des Sciences 2008, Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification 47 (9-10) , pp. 1877-1886,2009

img_1109175555857 Structural characterization of the kerogen from Youssoufia phosphate formation using mild potassium permanganate oxidation, Khaddor, M., Ziyad, M., Amblès, A. 2008, Faculté des Sciences, Organic Geochemistry 39 (6), pp. 730-740,2008.

img_1109175555857 Influence of hydrodynamics and probe response on oxygen mass transfer measurements in a high aspect ratio bubble column reactor: Effect of the coalescence behaviour of the liquid phase, Gourich, B., Vial, Ch., El Azher, N., Belhaj Soulami, M., Ziyad, M. 2008, Biochemical Engineering Journal 39 (1) , pp. 1-14.

Articles dans d’autres revues nationales et internationales

img_1185194332394  Place de la catalyse en chimie. M. Ziyad. Prospectives Universitaires, n°1, 2008, pp. 243-258.

img_1185194332394  La recherche universitaire : une dépense à fond perdu ou un investissement ? M. Ziyad. n°2, 2009, 71-90.

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